Sharum Off-Broadway


Muslim Girl

Teen Vogue


Tag: A Reclamation Story For Survivors- Mookychick


party guidelines – Flypaper Magazine Issue 11

self portrait as asa akira’s face on google images when searching ‘asian women’ – Waccamaw Journal 22

sunat: a recollection- Glass Poetry Press (Poets Resist 2018 Midterm Elections Special Feature)

my mother lets me use kemana-where- and kesana-there-interchangeably

she appreciates that i’m at least trying- Nice Cage Issue 7

bounty- BOAAT Press

after the incision- The Shanghai Literary Review (print)

it all happened ante meridiem- Crooked Arrow Press

Hex for an Heirloom- Buah

The Tsunami Drowns Rick Del Gado’s USA For Indonesia (an erasure)- Thread and Buah

Wet Dream (Frank’s Ocean)- Thread

The Story Never Told- Thread

In This New World- KNEAD (print)

On Wading For You- Quail Bell Magazine

Houses- Short Line!

How To Leave A Man and a Country- MuslimGirl

When You Blame Me and I Say Nothing- MuslimGirl

The Space Between- MuslimGirl

Phone calls and Codewords- Muslim Girl

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