Players Theatre Self Production Residency



Play or Musical


Brief Description of Play or Musical

Sharum is a docutheatre play focused on 3 days in the life of a Pakistani Muslim American family. The plot follows first-generation children of Muslim immigrants hiding their personal struggles, such as relationships, mental health, and drug use, from their parents, and have to reckon with what it means to be both Muslim and American.

Estimated Length or Running Time

55 minutes

Number of Actors and Musicians

9 actors

Development History

Table Reading 11/12/18 Hunter College
First Showing 12/20/18 and 12/21/18 Hunter College

Creative Team Bios

Dena Igusti is an Indonesian Muslim playwright and poet based in Queens, New York. She is currently the co-founder of Short Line Review and art collective UNCOMMON;YOU. She is a 2018 NYC Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador, and 2017 Urban Word Federal Hall Fellow. Her work has been featured in BOAAT Press, The Shanghai Literary Review, Teen Vogue and more. She has performed at The Apollo Theater, The 2018 Teen Vogue Summit, and various universities across the country.You can find more of her work at

Mohammad Murtaza is a playwright, actor, and director based in Queens, New York. He is the co-founder of the art collective UNCOMMON;YOU. He has performed at La Mama, Duke on 42nd Street Theater, and more. He has been featured in The New York Times, Village Voice, and more.

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